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How to Adopt?

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We believe that there is a perfect four legged friend waiting for every adopter and part of our adoption process is ensuring that each adopter is matched to both a breed and a dog that is suitable for them. Adding a new member to your family is a big commitment and our team will walk you through the process and will offer support, knowledge and expertise.


1. Submit an application

Please make sure that you properly fill it out and include references and veterinarian information about current or past pets in the appropriate fields. If you would prefer to download the application form click on the word document link at the bottom of this page and complete the form and submit to us via email. 

2. Interview with one of our adoption coordinators/Home visit

Once approved, the focus will be on a dog who would be a suitable match followed by an in-home interview to be sure that you have a safe, happy environment as well as to address any concerns the adopter might have.

3. Cover Adoption fees

Puppies (under the age of 1 year) - $ 725

Adults (1 year to 7 years) - $ 675

Seniors (8 years and over) - $ 425


"Popular Pick" Dogs -  "Popular Picks" are dogs that we receive an abundance of applications for. They may be purebreds, designer breeds or any "latest trend" breeds. These dogs are in extremely high demand and not common to rescues. For this reason, "Popular Picks" have an increased adoption fee.  This fee helps us to offset the cost of the extensive vetting that is done through our program. 


Popular Picks Dogs under the age of 1 year - $825

Popular Picks Dogs 1 year of age up to 7 years of age - $750


Adoption fees include: Age appropriate vaccines, deworming, various blood work tests, preventative flea and tick treatment, medical exam, microchip and spay/neuter.

We do our best to address  medical issues of dogs when they come into our care (some of the challenges we have tackled include cruciate repairs, eye removal, allergies, dental work, ear infections etc). Also includes a martingale collar, leash and ID Tag........and you also get the dog!


** We are only responsible for vet care for dogs under the TDRI wing. Once an adoption contract has been signed, the new owner is fully responsible for the health and welfare of their new dog.


We reserve the right to refuse any application. 

Please  download the application form and email it to We look forward to receiving your application.

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