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We at TDRI believe that the key to rescue is EDUCATION!


The TDRI educational team  have spoken at schools, camps, appeared on television, spoken on radio, as well as continuously participating in community events. Neuter and spay are the rescue mantra, and TDRI continually puts emphasis on the importance of responsible breeding.  


TDRI also advocates for importance of researching an appropriate breed for your lifestyle before acquiring a dog, as well as the responsibilities that dog ownership entails.  Adoption is an immediate answer to the pet overpopulation problem, however a long term solution is to educate the public.  We recognize the importance of educating the next generation of dog lovers, and are always available for public speaking. Our presentations are geared for audiences of all ages, and we offer a fun, informative, compassionate understanding of our canine friends, and our relationship with them.  To book a presentation or to have a TDRI booth at your next community event, email

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