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October, 2020


Hi my name is Puma!


I was rescued back in 2016. My brother charger and I were not in a great situation, until the dog rescuers came to the rescue! Then my amazing mom and dad found me and now I am in my forever home. Now I enjoy cuddles on the couch, swimming at the cottage, watching my fave show "Wild Bear Rescue", going to daycare and hanging out with my two best friends Patrick & Riggs. I can't thank the dog rescuers enough for saving me, so I can be the puma princess I was meant to be.


Hugs & kisses, 



September, 2020

Alex and Ivy

Alex and Ivy have been an absolute joy to add to our family... Alex is such a tough guy on the outside but a sweet mama's boy who loves to snuggle in bed and loves all of his toys on the inside...

Ivy is our little princess.  Alex is her protector and although it took her a long time to show her true colours... She is our sweet beautiful but feisty girl who loves her belly rubs and spa days and sleeping with her human sister in their princess bed.

They have brought such happiness to our family... our hearts are full of love everyday...  Thank you sooo much for rescuing them and allowing them to be part of our family!

August, 2020

Mya (Peaches)

We just wanted to send a quick update about Mya (Peaches) because she is doing great!  She is growing into such a beautiful, smart, and goofy girl who loves playing with her friends at the dog park, going to training classes, and taking family trips in the car.  Her brother Wilson, whom we adopted from you three years ago, is an older special needs guy and Mya is the best sister we could have possibly asked for!  From the moment Mya came to our home she and Wilson have been totally in sync, Kevin and I call them sibling soulmates 


Thank you so much for everything that you do, we are so grateful and can never thank you enough.  Everyone here is happy and healthy and our family finally feels complete!  

July, 2020


Molly is happy and healthy and settled in. We have had a wonderful time with her. She loves car rides and walks every day. She enjoys sitting outside with us in the back yard where she is on squirrel watch. They are terrified of her and we haven’t had the little critters for some time now letting our vegetable garden flourish!  

Patricia bought her a new bed with memory foam.  Molly sleeps like a log on it.  

Thanks again and all the best.  

May, 2020


Dimitri has been with us for about two months and in that time he’s become an inseparable part of the family. He is the definition of a Velcro dog and we love it! He loves his walks - especially when he sees a squirrel or bunny! - his snuggles first thing in the morning before he gets up, and especially the cheese slices, liver snaps and occasional sausage! He’s taken ownership of each sofa in the house and we couldn’t be happier that he’s so comfortable and at peace in his forever home. 

Thank you a thousand times over for bringing us together - all our love to TDRI! 

Andrea, Anthony & Dimitri 

April, 2020


Isla "Izzy" enjoying her new bone in furever home. She loves her new brother and sister fur babies and they love her too. We're so happy to have her in our lives.

April, 2020


Linus is now 6 years old and the sweetest pup.  We have not regretted getting him one minute of any day and we would definitely rescue from you again.  He was 8 months old when we adopted him and had just started to grow hair and  is now fully healthy and happy. Love his little boy !

April, 2020

Oscar & Hannah

​Oscar and Hannah are the loves of our lives. They came into our family within a year of each other and we fostered both of them. We knew they were home and that our family was complete.  They are two of the most loving souls and we are beyond grateful each and every day to have them in our family.  


Maisy & Charlie

​Maisy came into our life in January 2020. TDRI have brought many kind souls into our family and she is the newest addition.  She is now 5 months, full of energy, love and kisses.  We adopted Charlie 10 years ago from TDRI. We are ever thankful to have them in our hearts and home.



Eloise was adopted over Thanksgiving in 2018.  She is the love of our life. 

Laurie Menard



​Our Lexi was adopted from TDRI on March 17, 2012 and at that time we were told she was 2.  She turned 10 on Tuesday--St.Patrick's Day.  Our furball is loved to bits and she is daddy's little girl, our Belgian Malinios!  Even though she came with some challenges (very fearful); she is very balanced dog with us. Oh, we also bought a king sized bed to accommodate her. LOL, Thank you so much for being there and to Mano who fostered her until our adoption.  It is so amazing how she came to us. XO

Diane Havers


Teddy (Apollo)

​Teddy is being a very good loving dog.He has come a long way.  We are very pleased with him. We are just around the corner of a tennis court which is fenced in and have a great time playing ball and going for hikes on the trail. We love him dearly xo

PS..he is already very spoiled!



​Gino just celebrated his one year adoptiversary on New Years Day! His mom said Gino is so gentle and his tail never stops wagging! He worships his sister Tula (a ten year old Basenji) and loves to cuddle with the cat. He is embracing life and living the life he so deserves.

December, 2016


We want to thank you for your assistance in helping us through the adoption process.  We are only two days in and Maggie has become a part of the family.  She really is lovely.  She has met the cat a couple of times and kept impressive self control.  The introduction walk with Vanessa really helped our skittish little Brando – and they are now each other’s constant shadow, with Brando actually learning how to play under Maggie’s lead.With some consistent work on her leash skills, Maggie will be phenomenal!! 



​"Hi TDRI, thought you might want an update on Trixe (now K-Lee); she is awesome. She and Biscuit are old chums now.The other day she was sleeping, and when she woke up looked at me; the picture below says a 1,000 words - but tell me she isn't full on smiling at me??? Thanks again, she's a wonderful addition to the family with a friendly and loving heart and soul!! She's such a doll... Sometimes at night she'll sleep between our heads, or wake us up by giving kisses. So ridiculously adorable!"



Hello Dog Rescuers! I'd like to send an update on Jackson (Two).  Jackson joined our pack almost two years ago on June 25th, 2011.  His personality is just as his profile described - "BIG galoot of a boy"! He is a now a healthy 104lbs, and the vet is pleased with his weight loss progress.  When we adopted him, he was close to 130lbs. He loves to swim; we do lots of camping and hiking, and while we're in the woods, Jackson never misses an opportunity to take a dip in the water.  Jackson loves to fetch his ball and sniff for squirrels.  He has yet to catch one, but he is optimistic that one day, he will succeed. Jackson has been very busy.  Would you believe that Jackson has a part-time job? I'm proud to say that Jackson has become a Therapy Dog with St. John Ambulance.  I've attached a photo of him.  We are presently visiting a nursing home once a week, and we also do occasional visits at schools.  Our last visit was at the University of Toronto.  The students loved him. Thank you for the great work that you do.  Jackson is a wonderful contribution to our family, and we are so lucky to have him. With cheer, Matt, Leona & Jackson.



Hi there!I’m sure you must be wondering what I’ve been up to.  Well, I drove off with the tall lady the last time I saw you and she told me that I was going to be staying with her for a few days and then I’d go to a permanent foster home.  Only, guess what?  She liked me so much that she wanted me to stay with her.  Forever!  I was pretty happy about that.  The tall lady is very nice and I was a little weirded out at first but now I really love where we live and all the stuff we do.  She takes me for a walk in the morning and at night and we are going to school too!  So far we’ve learned how to sit, heel, stay and this week we learned “come”.  It’s hard work but I would say that I’m the star of the class.  That’s what the tall lady says.  She also said that we’re going to keep it up and start taking agility classes once we’re ready.  I’m not sure what that is but she says that I’m really going to like it and that I’ll be a natural.  We go to fenced in dog parks and I’m the fastest dog in the park!  All of the other owners are glad when we show up because the dogs chase me around and around until everyone gets tired out.  Not me though!  I also go out three times a week with a man that walks other dogs.  His name is Don.  He’s really nice and we go to parks too with my new friends Rory and Patch.  Sometimes Don keeps me out for 3 or 4 hours because we like each other so much and I get to go on 3 different walks with him those days!  He’s also going to take care of me whenever the tall lady goes out of town.  I’ve already met his cat named Frankie and we get along great!  I’m actually a little more interested in her toys than in playing with her.  Oh!  And there’s this thing called “snow” that I love!  I jump around like a reindeer.  It’s great!  I’ve already got a beautiful new sweater so that I stay warm and I’m looking forward to a holiday called Christmas.  The tall lady has her lights up and she says that there’s going to be a tree in the house!  Crazy!OK, I just wanted you to know that everything is great with me so that you don’t worry.  And the tall lady said to say thanks to you for helping me and flying me all the way over to her.  She says I’m a very graceful lady and that’s because of you guys.  So thanks!Talk soon,Zelda

October, 2020


We adopted Belle from your rescue 7 years ago in October.

 Belle is 10 now, we can’t believe it!  She is a nosy girl who loves to snuggle and is not afraid to give you a nudge with her nose or a tap-tap with her foot to insist on her pats.  She has a bit of an affinity for anything grey and likes to doggoflague and go indognito whenever she can!  Belle supervises me while I work at both of my home businesses – Belle is the security detail (she likes to guard the stairs) .I still can’t believe that Belle is the same dog that came to us somedays!  She was fabulous company for Daffy for many years and definitely loves her little sister Maisie even if she is a bug!  My husband and her share a special bond and she likes to sit on his chest when he reclines in his chair and snuggle with him!   She doesn’t look like a “senior” dog and she has been keeping up just fine with her bouncy sister! 

I could tell stories about the girls all day, but we are so thankful to have her in our life!  

September, 2020


Maddie stole the hearts of her parents the first time they met her.  She has come such a long way from being a very scared and apprehensive Puppy Mill Mom to a quirky and loving part of their family.  During the first several months when Maddie was adopted, she rarely left the confines of her crate.  She would only leave her crate for a brief period of time to use the washroom outside.  Fast forward to now where her old crate is in permanent storage because she never feels the need to return to it.  Maddie's favourite past times are sitting by her big brother Bear (a Bichon/Shih Tzu), playing with her toys, sleeping in her multiple beds, and meal time!  Whenever anyone has food, Maddie will appear out of nowhere to see if she can snag a treat.  Don't be tricked by her cute face - Maddie is one tough cookie.  Thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud noises are no big deal to her.  Maddie has brought so much love and happiness to her new family that they couldn't imagine life without her. 

August, 2020


River joined our family when he was 3.5 yrs old.  It was a bit of a rocky road at first as we had a black lab named Riley who was only a year old.  However they bonded quickly which was a blessing. Riley died  a few years later from cancer,  he was 4.  I had never seen a dog grieve before but River did.  River became the king of the castle and it has been that way ever since.  He has an amazing character and I think he thinks he is people (we know that he is).  He has created such a bond with my family, extended family and our community.    I thank you for him, he has become our Angel and is so truly loved.

Denise, Mike, Joshua, Zachary Chudziak

June, 2020


Exactly two years ago today we brought home Minnie from the dog rescuers inc.

She is thriving better than ever and has 100% stolen our hearts and is inseparable from her big sister Lacey.

Thank you very much Joan and Constance, 


Patrick and Hayley 

April, 2020


Here is a photo of Romeo with his inspirational message for all during these challenging times!  “There is no place like home”  


We adopted Romeo from the Dog Rescuers just over 4 years ago, when he was a 9-week old puppy!  He was 24lbs then, now he is 130lbs!   As you can see, he is totally handsome!!


Cheers – stay safe!


April, 2020


​Harlee!!  He is the best doggo. Never leaves my side :) 

April, 2020


​Stella, helping out with the new work from home routine. She is doing well though much slower than when we adopted her from TDRI in May 2012. Still likes to carry a stick even though we don’t throw it anymore.  

April, 2020


​Our beautiful Jude. Formerly known as Juno.  She is such a character and we love her so much.



Syd adopted from TDRI in July 2014, is the best thing to have curled up on the couch with me right now.  Who has to worry about isolation, depression when you have a fur baby?



​Choco-Marley adopted around 5 years ago. Best friend we ever had. Sweetest soul. Loves swimming and hiking. Grateful for him every day!'



​Maisy living the life of leisure in her forever home.

Linda Bilanskie



​Simba's Gotcha Day anniversary is tomorrow, March 2nd. 

Simba loves to swim and will happily paddle laps for an hour or more - will summer be here soon he wonders!?

He is living the good life with his family, Heather, Roy, Ella and Jasper


Valentine & Christmas (aka Jack & Molly)

We just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you had a great Christmas. Jack and Molly are fabulous and have been the biggest blessing to our lives and hearts.  Molly is my shadow and the sweetest little girl....She sometimes is so close to me I cannot see her....We could not love her more.  Jack is sweet and loving and turned into such a snuggle bug.  Together they play and cuddle and we cannot imagine them being with anyone else.  They are quite the pair and have filled such a huge void in our hearts since we lost our dear sweet Sam. Thank you so much for allowing us the great pleasure and honour of being their fur parents.  

December, 2016


​We wanted to let you know that Larry (Sandy) is happy and healthy and we love him so much. He is a great addition to our family. His two year anniversary with us was yesterday. We picked him up the day after we moved into a new house. It was crazy. But it all worked out. ❤️



Dear Dog Rescuers,Jake has been with us for two weeks now and we just wanted to thank you so much for bringing this wonderful dog into our family! We're so thankful to foster parents Julie and Dave for their amazing care of Jake following his surgery, and to Vanessa who helped us through the whole adoption process. Jake has settled in so nicely, he is great in the house and has so much fun with our kids. He loves his daily walks in the conservation area and has already been for a swim in the Grand River! We have been pleasantly surprised with how smart he is and how quickly he learns. He has such a great, goofy Lab personality but is also very gentle when meeting all the neighborhood kids. We are looking forward to many camping adventures with Jake next summer.  Thanks to everyone at The Dog Rescuers for the work you do, and for helping us find a great dog!


Minnie (Mia)

Happy New Year everyone.I thought I would send an update on Minnie (Mia) now that she has been with us for a year!! I can't believe how quickly these months have passed.We all absolutely love this cute and funny little girl. She is so brave and has conquered so many of her fears this year.She has gone from being scared of EVERYTHING to chasing squirrels and rabbits on her walks! She loves to play with her human sisters and doggy brother and her crazy personality is really starting to show.She had an amazing "first" this week when she ventured into the back yard on her own without any coaxing or encouragement! It might seem trivial to some people but it just shows how brave this little girl is. She still stops when she hears a strange noise but her tail and ears are up and then she carries on with her walk.She is a fantastic addition to our family and we are so happy to have her.Thanks to The Dog Rescuers for all your incredible work.Best wishes from The Clarke family 

September, 2020


Bijou has settled in wonderfully with us. He is an absolute joy, with lots of personality and character. All 3 of us are blessed to be together.
Thanks to The Dog Rescuers for connecting us, and this, our second time after adopting our beloved Bowser.
M and G  

September, 2020


It's been 6 years since Sabah joined our family after we adopted him from The Dog Rescuers Inc. A lot has changed in those 6 years, including the adoption of our cat Sage and the welcoming of daughter Hazel. Sabah is a Lab/Sheltie cross and comes from a litter of 4. Before I met Sabah, I remember Joan mentioning that he was a particularly affectionate and loving pup. She couldn't have been more accurate! Sabah is the sweetest dog, who loves snuggling with Sage and going for walks with Hazel. Our family can't imagine life without him. Thank you to TDRI! We are forever grateful.  

July, 2020


​Buddy has settled in beautifully. He makes us laugh everyday with his charming personality. He loves to play soccer and has some awesome paw skills. He is loved very much.  We are so blessed and happy to have him as part of our family 


Vic, Caren, Buddy and family

June, 2020


Moose arrived New Years Day and immediately made friends with his new hoomans.  He enjoys cuddling with the cats and his brother Milo. The Moose believes any bed is his bed and often sleeps right in the middle for the night.  A true Northern Gem, The Moose is finally home.

April, 2020


​I want to let you know how I’ve been keeping since I came to live with my Fur-ever Mom (Lori ) almost 4 years ago. I love my new home; I have 3 beds but I sleep on the people bed! I have a basket full of toys and get spoiled with tasty treats. I go on walks everyday and my Mom takes me on road trip adventures where I meet new puppy & people friends. 


Thank you so much for taking care of me when I needed help - you are all so wonderful! 


Love, Max ... and Lori 

April, 2020


​Buddy entered my life three years ago! He is such a pleasure! I adore finding ways that make his tail wag!  Thank You Dog Rescuers!

April, 2020


Miss Lexi was adopted 8 years ago from TDRI. She is now 10 1/2 we think,  slowing down for sure, she loves the winters in Ottawa now.  

April, 2020


Chappie loves his walks, snuggling with the family, sleeping on the couch and the occasional good book.

This lovely boy is living his best life. 



Ripley, previously Skipper, came to live with me on June 22, 2019. I can't even begin to say how much she is loved, by everyone.  Everywhere she goes, which is a lot of places, people fall in love with her. and she falls in love with everyone she meets as well. She has adjusted well to life with a prosthesis. It's not 100% but its close! Having 3 feet hasn't stopped her from anything.  She loves training and loves being active. I can't imagine my life without this beautiful girl, She fit right into my pack perfectly.  As if it were meant to be.  And she is nothing but perfect.  Thank you TDRI, my world is complete with this girl in it!!


Lucky Bernard

​Duncan James aka Lucky Bernard has some snuggle time with his Dog Mom,  Adopted 7-8 years ago and we couldn't imagine life without him.



This is out Lottie who we adopted from TDRI in 2014.  She is the love of our life, the most incredible dog ever and we just don't know what we'd do without her. She is loved by everyone she meets.  We are so blessed that she found her way to us.  

Collinson Family



"We wanted to send you a picture of our little girl after her official adoption, we couldn’t be happier with her!" 

September, 2017

Happy & Pugsley

Today is our 1 year anniversary since our family grew by 2! We can't even begin to describe how happy we are that we adopted these two! They are the lights of our life and cannot image it without them. 

September, 2016


Dear Dog Rescuers,

It has been one year since Jake joined our family and we wanted to thank you for this amazing dog! Over the past year he has had many adventures with us. People often ask us if he's a service dog because he is so gentle, relaxed and well behaved. He's made so many dog friends in our neighborhood and joins in all the fun at the dog park. It feels like Jake has always been a part of our family, we can't believe it's only been one year! We look forward to many years with Jake!

Thanks for the incredible work you do giving so many dogs a second chance!

Best wishes,

Lewis Family (and Jake!)



I just wanted to give you an update on Princeton (previously known as Prince). He is absolutely fantastic! He is gaining weight and his hind legs have become very strong-- he is one very healthy boy! He is, honestly, the happiest dog ever. I cannot express to you how much he is (unconditionally) loved and what perfect companions we are to one another. He is extremely smart and his clicker training is going very well. He is a busy, playful, and active dog, but he loves to relax and snuggle too, which is the perfect balance for me. He is learning target training, which helps to keep his mind stimulated. I can't wait until the milder weather to be outside with him more-- especially hiking through the trails at High Park.Princeton is such a love and he make us smile every day with his goofy, larger-than-life personality. He is PERFECT! Sincerely,Dottie and Princeton


Sophie (Iris)

I just wanted to send you all an update on my progress as my first birthday is approaching at the end of the month.  I have been very busy not only getting very big but I also graduated from McCann’s dog training school.   I love my new home and I’m completely spoilt although my Labrador brother and sister always keep me in my place.   Mommy tried very hard to keep my off the sofa but I must admit it’s my favorite spot of an evening sitting next to  her or one of my boys.    After a long winter I’m really enjoying the summer and having long walks.  I tried my first swim the other day and I’m not a fan of that.   I hope you are all keeping well and want to thank you all for taking care of me after my surgery.   Most of the time people do not even notice that I only have one eye and I get along fine without having two.    My mom has attached some photos of me so you can see my how big I have got since you all saw me last. Give my love to all the vets, nurses and receptionists! Sophie (but to you I will always be Iris)

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