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Surrendering a dog to The Dog Rescuers Assoc. Inc. 


Every dog that comes under our wing is special to us and is treated with the same respect and care as we would treat our own dogs. Our expectations of a new home are set high and we look for an environment where the needs of the dog will be met as well as excel. We are dedicated to helping dogs and when possible ask in return that a nominal surrender fee be given when possible. We are not able to accept dogs that are dog aggressive or dogs that have a biting history. Once a dog is in our care a previous owner is welcome to contact The Dog Rescuers for an update on the dog they surrendered, however they will not be given access to the dog’s new family. Part of the adoption process includes a follow up program with every family who adopts a dog to ensure that the dog has a smooth transition as well as to troubleshoot any issues the new owner may have.


To surrender your dog please call: 416 567 6249 or email


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