What do you get when you cross a Shih-Tzu with a Bernese Mountain Dog? Paisley!! A sweet little 'mop' of cuteness! This adorable gal is only 5 months old and is bright, alert and makes everyone laugh with her adorable antics. We are guesstimating she will be 30-50 pounds full grown given her current size , however her looks and sizing leaves room for surprises given her cross of breeds. Already house trained and knowing how to sit and walk on leash she is mastering skills quickly . Paisley would do best with another dog in the house who is mild tempered. Paisley is suitable for either an adult home or a home with children 12 plus. This little girl is a cutie and will be a great addition to a family.


Brigadier General

New to our program!  More details to follow soon.





Meet Ziggy! This handsome boy is a 9 month old Dogo Argentino crosses with a Fila Brasileiro. He is a very, very busy boy and needs a family who is active. Ziggy came to us highly under socialized and as a result had to spend a month working with a trainer. He is continuing with his training and needs a committed family who will continue to work with him. Ziggy requires an adult home and would currently be best as the only dog as he gets overly stimulated easily. This cutie is very smart and catches on to new things quickly, he is also quite affectionate once he gets to know you. When first meeting new people Ziggy can be quite wary and cautious of new people as well as strangers on the street. A low traffic home that can provide consistency will be perfect for this boy as he learns how to be the good canine citizen we know he will be.

Copper is a sweet, sweet boy who has had quite the journey to get into our care. Copper landed in a high kill shelter, with a poor coat, dried and cracked paws, covered in grease and suffering from a thyroid condition. He was saved and went on to stay with a big-hearted foster family, where he was diagnosed as heart worm positive before undergoing treatment.  At approx. 4-6 years of age, Copper is a handsome Lab/ Hound/Golden Retriever who has undoubtedly had a rough start to life. Copper does not enjoy the company of other dogs (or cats) so he will need to be the only canine in the home, loves classical music and loves a good snuggle. After joining our care it was determined through x-rays that Copper will need a bi-lateral cruciate surgery (knee surgeries) so that he can live pain free. Until Copper has had his surgeries and is recovered, he will not be available for adoption, but anyone looking to donate towards his care, can click the red donate button at the top of the page.





Mack is a handsome senior Puggle ( a Pug /Beagle cross) This sweet gentleman has gone through some tough times losing his owner and ending up in a humane society and then being adopted by a family who could not keep him. He is now in our care and receiving lots of TLC in his awesome foster home. He is lovely in the house and has lots of charm, however he can be vocal and is not suitable for living in a condo/apartment. Currently he is in good health and this former chunky monkey has lost weight. Mack is now an active fella who loves long walks and to swim laps in the pool. He loves a good game of fetch. He is the size of a small Beagle with a big personality and an even bigger heart! We will not accept applications with children under 14 as to the best of our knowledge he has not lived with children under 14. Mack needs to be the only pet in the home as he much prefers the company of being with his people. Mack will make a lovely companion but he is not suitable for a first time dog owner.

Hi, I'm Zeke! I have been waiting for my perfect home for a very long time, I wonder why it's taking so long? True, I have a few special requirements that don't fit every family, and a few quirks that will deter some folks, but I am trying so hard to be my absolute best! I am a Rotti mix, about 6.5 years old and just under 80 lbs. I am looking for an adult family who has experience with similar breeds and will understand some things about me: that I am protective of my home, naturally wary of strangers, and that it takes me a while to trust a new person. My new family must be sure to go very slowly with me in the beginning to gain my trust. They must be 100% committed to positive training and never use harsh language or corrections with me as this will destroy my trust; I am very sensitive! It scares and worries me when humans handle my body, especially my feet, and I must be muzzled when I go see the vet. I walk very politely on a leash but when I see other leashed dogs (and sometimes people who scare me) I react to them, so my new family must be aware of this and help me feel safe and comfortable. For this reason crowded living situations, apartments or busy cities are not for me and I need to live in a detached home with a fenced yard. I have lived with other dogs and can have some doggie friends, but I don't get along with every dog and would like to be the only pet in my new home. I care so much more about interacting with my humans than I do about playing with other dogs, and would like to have all your attention! I am super affectionate with people I trust. I love, love, love playing Fetch and could do it all day. I also love long hikes in the country, but dog parks are not for me. As attached as I am to my people, I don't mind being left alone in the home while my family is out; I am crate trained but also fine when left loose in the house. My foster mom says I am easy to live with and a such a good boy who just needs to find a dog experienced family willing to give me a chance!



A sweet little Maltese. This darling is 5 1/2 years old and is an absolute love. Daisy is a quiet girl who can be shy and nervous with new people. She has no experience with children, is nervous of bigger dogs but good with cats. Daisy appears to have an allergy to chicken and beef so needs a home that will be diligent about watching her diet. We are currently seeking a quiet adult home, where people are around more often and not just during the pandemic. Daisy was previously owned by a single senior who was home quite a bit and as a result Daisy can be vocal when left alone. This sweet girl loves walks, likes you to play with her and in general is a super little companion.



Absolutely adorable in looks and personality! This sweet little two year old girl is a Spaniel/ Hound cross around best guess. Ruby is under socialized but is learning new life experiences and transitioning well to all the canine comforts. Currently Ruby is not crazy about other dogs and is not a candidate for life with kitties. Ruby is shy and nervous so at this time we will only consider an adult home for her. Ruby will require professional training to help her with other dogs and interacting appropriately with other people. Housetraining is down pat and this smart little cookie already knows how to sit and shake a paw. Ruby can be vocal when left alone so apartment living is not ideal for this girl. A family who is patient and can offer a consistent environment is just what this cutie is waiting for.




Bella is a lovely 'Island Girl' brought up from St Lucia by another rescue a year ago. This little monkey sadly took off shortly after having arrived in Canada and ran at large for 7 months through last year's cruel cold of winter and harsh heat of summer. Finally, she was caught. When our rescue was asked to take her in we of course welcomed her into a foster home. Bella is a lovely girl, crazy smart, sassy, funny, bossy and silly - she keeps her fosters on their toes. Bella is still currently a HIGH FLIGHT RISK. Only very dog savvy, seasoned applicants will be considered. Bella is not good with cats or small animals, and is best in a pack environment. She also needs an adult home only no children.  Bella is as pretty as she is charming, so steals the hearts of all she meets.
*We cannot stress enough how clever she is and how quickly she could be gone, so please applicants with strong, experienced handling backgrounds only. 

* Bella is working on her good canine skills and currently not available.




Abigail is an ABSOLUTE sweetheart and it makes our blood boil knowing that up until two weeks ago she lived in a crappy aluminum shed, in squalor, in a city backyard. Thank God for our good friends at Animal Services who work as hard as they do and who brought this girl to our attention. Abigail is approx. 2–3 years old and has clearly been bred in the past. This Cane Corso x Boxer has a HUGE personality, is a gorgeous grey colour with giant white “baseball mitts” for paws, eyes that melt your heart, and a personality that matches.  It was concluded after X-rays and a physical examination, that Abigail will require a surgery to repair her torn cruciate ligament. For us to ensure she gets the care she needs; she will not be ready to be adopted until after her surgery (in April), but we are currently accepting adoption applications.  Abigail has lived her whole life alone in a backyard, and though she desperately wants to be every dog’s friend, she unfortunately lacks some social graces and does not yet understand appropriate play style. Due to this, currently, she is best suited as the only pet in the house. She has an absolutely wonderful personality, however, is incredibly strong and is still learning basic commands and leash skills. Therefore, a family where all members of the home are over the age of 16 is required. We are looking for a family who have “bully breed” experience who will be on board with attending positive reinforcement training classes to help her further blossom.




Alice has gone from a scrawny, drastically underweight American Bulldog dumped in a construction site, producing milk but with no evident puppies to a stunning, solid, athletic girl who is just a big marshmallow.

This sweet girl is approximately 3 and has been through quite a lot, she was hit by a car when dumped which smashed her hip and this went untreated for a period of time until she came into our care. She has recovered beautifully and is now ready for a family to call her own. True to the breed she has a list of allergies however we have managed to keep things under control with a regulated diet. Her play style is a little rough so we are looking for a home with kids over the age of 15, ideally with some breed experience. Continued training is mandatory to build on her confidence and socialization.

Palliative Care

Sometimes we take in some dogs who require more care than others - often for the rest of their lives.  Whilst these dogs tend to stay within the TDRI family they incur a lot of expense - if you would like to donate to the ongoing treatment of these animals and play a role in making whatever time they have left more comfortable please consider donating - we need all the help we can get.  Click here to donate! 

Meet Tinta!!! This pretty little black lab x joined our program last year after spending 2 years in a Mexican shelter. Our team fell in love with her when a couple of them went down for their annual personal vacation. In true rescuer form, they spent their vacation helping out with a Mexican animal rescue and that's when they saw her. Slinking low against the walls, timid and scared, was this lovely 4 year old girl. Her shyness, along with the fact that she is a black dog (which is regarded as a bad superstition in Mexico) made her chances of adoption slim. Before ending up at the shelter, Tinta gave birth to 6 puppies on a high traffic," slum" area street corner. One puppy was killed by a car, another died from heat, and the remaining four were happily snapped up by tourists for adoption. Sadly, Tinta has been moved to the status of palliative care as she has some medical issues that we are trying to muddle through.