Dmitri is one of the sweetest dogs looking to find his forever family.  He is a four year old Shepherd-Huskyish mix and  beyond adorable.  He captures hearts wherever he goes. He recently lost his brother Timo and came from a situation of neglect. He deserves to live his best life. Open your heart and home to this beautiful boy and receive endless love in return. Dimitri needs a home with no cats or small animals. 


Bella - bio to follow.


Isla is between 5 and 6 years old and is at our best guess Lurcher x hound. Isla is very sweet natured but can be shy when meeting new people or in new situations. She has been gaining confidence and a set of skills in foster care but her new family will need to be on board with attending positive reinforcement training classes. At this time Isla is looking for an experienced, quiet home with a family who will continue to help her progress. She's very smart and eager to please, knows some basic commands. Isla is good with other dogs and would benefit from having a canine sibling. Looking for a home with all members of the home over the age of 15.


Alice has gone from a scrawny, drastically underweight American Bulldog dumped in a construction site, producing milk but with no evident puppies to a stunning, solid, athletic girl who is just a big marshmallow.

This sweet girl is approximately 3 and has been through quite a lot, she was hit by a car when dumped which smashed her hip and this went untreated for a period of time until she came into our care. She has recovered beautifully and is now ready for a family to call her own. True to the breed she has a list of allergies however we have managed to keep things under control with a regulated diet. Her play style is a little rough so we are looking for a home with kids over the age of 15, ideally with some breed experience. Continued training is mandatory to build on her confidence and socialization.


Seniors make the best friends! Cameron is a senior Lab crossed with spunk and cuteness and a great sense of doggie humour. This sweet boy is looking for a loving family to snuggle on the couch with and go on hikes! Cameron is approx 10 but is active, fun and loves a good game of fetch!   He is looking for a home with no cats and all members of the family over the age of 12.  


Palliative Care

Sometimes we take in some dogs who require more care than others - often for the rest of their lives.  Whilst these dogs tend to stay within the TDRI family they incur a lot of expense - if you would like to donate to the ongoing treatment of these animals and play a role in making whatever time they have left more comfortable please consider donating - we need all the help we can get.  Click here to donate! 

Meet Tinta!!! This pretty little black lab x joined our program last year after spending 2 years in a Mexican shelter. Our team fell in love with her when a couple of them went down for their annual personal vacation. In true rescuer form, they spent their vacation helping out with a Mexican animal rescue and that's when they saw her. Slinking low against the walls, timid and scared, was this lovely 4 year old girl. Her shyness, along with the fact that she is a black dog (which is regarded as a bad superstition in Mexico) made her chances of adoption slim. Before ending up at the shelter, Tinta gave birth to 6 puppies on a high traffic," slum" area street corner. One puppy was killed by a car, another died from heat, and the remaining four were happily snapped up by tourists for adoption. Sadly, Tinta has been moved to the status of palliative care as she has some medical issues that we are trying to muddle through. 

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