About The Dog Rescuers inc.

The Dog Rescuers Inc. Is a non-profit organization based in Oakville, Ontario. We are run by a group of dedicated volunteers with a passion for rescuing and re-homing all breeds of dogs.


Oakville rescuer Joan has more than 20 years of rescue experience, and after meeting Oakville Firefighter, Mano, the two created The Dog Rescuers Inc. in 2009. Joan took on the role of President and shortly after TDRI was founded, recruited Vanessa, who has years of animal experience  to take on the role of  Vice President. Joan and Vanessa  maintain varied roles, from administration  and fundraising, to the grassroots of meeting every dog that comes into the  program, and overseeing adoptions. Mano has a great rapport with dogs, and fills the niche of working with dogs new to the program. None of the members  of TDRI are paid or reimbursed  for their time or efforts. We are blessed to have a team compiled of dedicated and passionate volunteers, who truly are every day heroes.


How do our dogs end up in our care?

There are many reasons why we have the amazing dogs that we do, ranging from abandonment and abuse to changes in an owners personal life. We accept dogs directly from their current families as owner surrenders, but we also have long standing relationships with many of the humane societies and animal controls throughout the province. We work closely with these organizations and often have dogs referred to us to help relieve overcrowding or to help in situations where there is a lack of resources.


How does The Dog Rescuers inc work?

We see many fabulous dogs come into our program and we strongly feel that every dog deserves a second chance. All of our dogs are assessed for any behavioural or medical issues, and from there we have an idea as to what the ideal home would be for that particular dog. All of our adoptions are done on a match basis, so as to match the needs of the dog with the needs and expectations of the family. Every single one of our dogs receives necessary vet care ranging from annual care to costly surgeries. Our dogs are all vaccinated, de-wormed, microchipped and spayed or neutered while in our program. Our dogs are all placed in foster homes until a forever home is found. Expenses to cover our medical costs, as well as basic supplies are funded from our adoption fees, as well as the generous donations made by the members of the public.


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We have many dogs awaiting their new lives with their forever families 

            SURRENDING A DOG


Understandably sometimes the only alternative is to surrender a dog.

            FOSTERING A DOG


We are constantly looking for families to temporarily foster dogs for us. 


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