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Thinking about fostering a dog?


By opening your heart and home to a dog in need we are literally able to save that dog. A loving, patient home makes a huge difference to a dog in transition versus boarding.

  • All expenses such as food, supplies and medical care are covered by us.

  • Duration of a dog’s stay can vary and cannot be guaranteed.

Fostering is truly a rewarding experience and is a a great way to get involved without taking on the long term responsibilities of pet ownership yet experience a dog's love.


We are always in need of foster families for our dogs.  


Other ways you can help?


Gas gift cards, long distance telephone calling cards, Canadian Tire gift cards, coupons for any human grade dog foods, stainless steel dog dishes (med & large preferred), Kongs (med ,large & xl preferred) leashes & collars (preferably martingale collars - no dollar store please), excercise pens, outdoor dog runs or fencing.

Does your company have tickets (Leafs, Raptors etc) that you would like to donate? Tickets are an easy way for us to raise funds for our awesome dogs. On line auctions are easy for us to hold. Please don't let seats go empty - donate tickets to help our dogs. 

Still interested in fostering a dog? - Please get in touch with us to discuss.

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